Do you deliver worldwide?

Yes - please read our Delivery & Returns section for more information.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We aim to despatch all goods within 1 working day (however sometimes this can take a little longer). Please read our Delivery & Returns section for more information.

How do I know if the garter will fit?

Atelier Rousseau garters are standard size and usually stretch from 16-22''. if possible measure the circumference of your thigh where you would like your garter to sit.

I require a plus/petite size garter, can you make a garter to fit my measurement?

Yes! We welcome custom orders and alternative sizes. Please provide us with the circumference of your thigh measurement where you would like your garter to sit. Please bear in mind that your garter will be classed as 'Bespoke' as it will be made to your measurements and is therefore non-returnable.

Where on my leg should my garter sit?

We suggest wearing your bridal garter a few inches above your knee - but wherever feels most comfortable on your thigh!

What leg should I wear my garter on?

Whichever leg your garter feels most comfortable worn on.

What is a toss garter and how should I wear it?

A toss garter is a less detailed and smaller bridal garter. If a bride has decided to participate in the garter toss tradition, she may choose to wear a toss garter so as not to 'lose’ the main wedding garter. The toss garter is thrown to the crowd – similar to the bouquet tradition.

Many brides like to save their bridal garter as a keepsake from their special day; therefore the toss garter still allows for the garter tradition whilst the main garter can be kept to treasure.

Both the toss and main garter are worn on the same leg (of your choice). The main garter is to be put on first followed by the toss garter - which should be closest to the bottom, so that it will be removed first.

What is a garter set?

A wedding garter set consists of a main garter and - usually matching - toss garter. The main wedding garter is usually more detailed and wider than the toss garter.

My order is a gift for my friend, can my order arrive gift-wrapped?

Yes, all orders will arrive beautifully boxed in our complimentary bespoke packaging.

I want to order one of your products, but would prefer it in a different colour to compliment my wedding theme; is this possible?

Yes! We welcome custom orders - to discuss your requirements please do not hesitate to contact us!

How do I pronounce Atelier Rousseau?

ah-te-li-ay   roo-so