Traditionally, a bridal garter is worn by the bride on her wedding day and is removed by the groom, who throws it to a crowd of unmarried male guests; this tradition is thought to bring infinite luck and fortune to the bride and groom and is said to date back as far as 14th Century England, when it was believed owning a piece of the bride’s wedding dress would bring good luck! Guests would literally tear at the bride’s gown, and so to save the dress from ruin, an alternative was found in the bridal garter!
The Garter Toss Tradition
The male guests used to attempt to remove the garter from the bride themselves; as a result of this behaviour, it thankfully became custom for the groom to remove the bridal garter from his new wife (if permitted!) and throw to the waiting crowd. The man who catches the garter is thought to be the next to marry. This tradition is somewhat similar to that of throwing the bridal bouquet to all of the unmarried female guests.

The Present-day
Many couples still practice the garter toss today or prefer to acknowledge this wedding garter tradition by posing for the classic garter photograph, whilst others decide to keep this special piece of bridal lingerie for their groom's eyes only! Whether you decide to keep your garter as a hidden secret until your wedding night, or to reveal it, is your own personal choice.
We would love to be a part of this wedding tradition on your special day; as we endeavour to revive the bridal garter from a non-sentimental afterthought, into a family heirloom to be treasured.
Real wedding images by Lyndsey Goddard Photography